mVideoPlayer – Don’t hate the player…..


All video's are clearly displayed in the browser menu so everyone can see your endless downloads of cats playing keyboards.

If you’ve read our previous review (for JetVD) you may have spotted a nod towards mVideoPlayer as our Android video player of choice. Since installing it months ago it has happily performed its function as our default choice for video playback to the point where’s there’s been no need to search for an alternative (of which I am sure there are many). Thanks to its pleasant UI and solid performance (even when playing 720p videos from Youtube) mVideoPlayer pretty much fulfills all the requirements of a mobile video player.
Selecting a video is done via the excellent browser which features details on video length, format, size and a thumbnail. Simply choose a video to play it or long click to access a number of options (rename, delete etc) including the ability to create playlists for your clips.
Playback is crisp, clear and smooth, subtitles are supported and the on-screen controls are easy on the eye. During playback you can bookmark the current position of a video and also lock the controls so accidental button presses don’t get in the way of your viewing.

720p videos look brilliant on the Desire's OLED screen.

Some people have complained about the lack of divx support, apparently this is down to the handset rather than the app but to be honest I’ve had no need for divx since moving over to my HTC Desire.
If you’re looking for a nicely presented and dependable video player (and I’m sure you are given the lacklustre default option that comes with some Android handsets) then mVideoPlayer is a recommended download.

Link : Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : Easy to use and it works perfectly. mVideoPlayer is my Android video player of choice. Do you prefer an alternative? Let us know in the comments.

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