JetVD – Less YouTube, More Your Tube


Put words in, videos come out. Simple.

It’s all well and groovy having a new YouTube app to enjoy on your Froyo Android handset but what do you when you’ve got no wi-fi connection? You can try 3G but results are choppy at best. One way around it is to grab your favourite YouTube videos ahead of time and JetVD lets you achieve that. Simply enter a phrase in the search screen, find what you want and download it.
Personally I much prefer having my own collection of favourite YouTube clips already stored on my phone rather than waiting for an online stream to get started but this can be difficult to do thanks to Google’s disapproving stance of downloading content from Youtube. As a result YouTube download apps tend to come and go on the Android Marketplace, they work for a while but then become disabled due to a change at the source or they get taken down completely; thankfully I’ve been using JetVD for months now and it just keeps on working.
Opening the app takes you straight to the search screen, search results are presented with information on clip length and number of views as well as a thumbnail image. Slightly annoyingly results only arrive in groups of ten, so for every ten videos you scroll through you have to wait a few seconds while more results are retrieved. Selecting a video takes you to the download menu, from here you can stream the video, read some info on the selected clip or choose which format you wish to download it in. JetVD does a good job at finding out the various video formats even offering up 720p HD quality videos for you to download.

Shall I download a crappy 3GP or a lush 720p video? Choices choices.

If you’re on wi-fi, downloads come down the line as fast as you’d expect, just make sure you first set up a folder in the settings telling the app where you want your videos to go. One thing I have noticed is that whilst downloading 720p HD videos your phone can become unresponsive or slow, it’s something of a trade-off considering how good the videos look during playback. The free version of JetVD only allows you to download one video at a time which suggests there is a paid version of the program. Unfortunately there is no sign of this on the Marketplace (it’s also possible that there never will be as that could generate a very tricky legal issue).
From the menu button you can also directly access your downloads, this screen comes across as a bit of an afterthought. The videos are listed in order of date downloaded, there’s no option to change this nor are there any thumbnails to go with each entry. If anything you don’t really need this screen anyway, if you have a good video player installed (such as mVideoPlayer) you’ll be browsing the videos from there instead.
It’s pretty much a ‘Nuts & Gum’* application, it doesn’t blow you away with a flashy UI but it does let you get in, grab a video and get out again; that’s all you need to do really.

Link : Install via AppBrain,

Bottom line : Not perfect but being able to download 720p HD YouTube videos with minimum hassle? Count me in. Worth a download.

* I have no idea what I mean by ‘Nuts & Gum’ application, I just wanted to work in a Simpsons reference.

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