Android Apt is a U.K. based blog of Android App reviews. Our goal at Android Apt is to sniff out the most essential free Android apps to help you get the most from your handset. From the big, popular apps to the smaller ones that may have passed you buy, we aim to give you the lowdown on which apps to install and which ones to avoid. All apps are reviewed on a rooted non-network branded HTC Desire with Android 2.3 Gingerbread software (via the Cyanogen 7 Rom). If you’d like to stay updated of the latest reviews subscribe to the RSS feed. You can also follow us on Twitter via @AndroidApt for even more Android based news and tips on hot new apps to try out.

Android Apt is haphazardly thrown together by freelance writer Paul Carr (that’s me!).

I also creat content for various mags and bookazines, mostly tech stuff like Android, iOS and Windows devices.

If you’re involved in publishing and are looking for someone to tackle an article for you then feel free to drop me a line. Do people still say ‘drop me a line’ anymore? Either way, Twitter is your best bet for getting hold of me or you can find an email link here that beams messages straight into my brain.

Here are just a few of the various publications that I have written for.


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