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App Round Up – Updated Apps

Android apps are being updated all the time and since we started Android Apt back in October 2010 we’ve reviewed over 40 apps that have been getting their fair share of improvements (or otherwise). For Android Apt newcomers or anyone who missed these first time around, here’s a few updates worth pointing out.

Audiogalaxy – An excellent app for streaming your desktop music to your phone whether over wi-fi or your phone network. Recent updates include bug fixes, an improved UI, a genres tab, voice search, a better landscape mode and Last .FM scrobbling (yay!).

Grooveshark – Our review of Grooveshark has garnered it’s fair share of attention seeing as we were quite daming about the application. A newer version of the app has appeared since that review which claims improved application responsiveness, improved album art downloading and improved playback across most devices. There’s also fixes for playlist and favorites syncing.

Homepipe – I loved the idea of Homepipe but I just couldn’t get it to work. No word on how well the updated versions work but it’s now a ‘limited-use’ free app (10 uses a month).

Pulse News Reader – This slick RSS feed app has had a few improvements since our review the best of which is the facebook feed integration. Pulse can now go through your Facebook newsfeed and create a stream of any links posted by your friends, genius!

Rocket Bunnies – A new update to the number one Space Rabbit Simulator has doubled the number of levels with a new set enemies and obstacles to avoid. More importatntly there are now collectible hats! Yeah I knew that would grab your attention. A great game just got even better.

Skyfire Browser (Beta) – Now in version 3.0 (and out of Beta by the looks of things) this web browser may well warrant another look. Recent changes include a new search box for easy access to the OneTouch Search feature, enhanced video search with more content providers, a speedier browsing experience and some fine tuning to ensuring stability.

Winamp – The superb Winamp has had a few additions since our review, SHOUTcast Radio (2.2 & above) is now available, there’s improved Wi-Fi sync and iTunes library import and the number of widgets has increased.


Rocket Bunnies – Android’s First Space Rabbit Sim

Rocket Bunnies

Defiant Development claim that their new game ‘Rocket Bunnies’ is “The best space rabbit sim you’ll play this year” and you know what? They’re not lying.

Thinking of making an app? Make it 100% better by putting a mental bunny in there.

Rocket Bunnies is an action puzzle game in which you slingshot your character from planet to planet whilst collecting bunnies and avoiding obstacles. Your performance is graded in stars and further levels are unlocked depending on how many stars you have been given. The game features easy to use touch screen controls and it does a great job of easing you into the gameplay mechanics. The gameplay feels original & fun and it definitely becomes trickier as you progress through the game.

Rocket Bunnies is truly striking to watch, the menus looks awesome and in-game everything runs perfectly. This could well be the big new game for Android, it looks superb, it sounds great and I’m sure the more zealous members of the Android community will relish the fact that this game was released on Android before iOS.
This is a free game that features ad-support although an ad-free version has been proposed for the future along with an extra game mode. The only downsides? If you have a Samsung phone, you’ll need Android 2.2 in order to run this and it’s a 12MB install.

Links : Install via AppBrain, Official Website

Bottom Line : If you got the specs and the space then Space Bunnies is a great game to get stuck into. Go get it!

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