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RedWall – All in all it’s just another brick in the (Red)Wall.


One of the things I always overlook with my handset is the wallpaper. Changing the background on the home screen can really help freshen things up from time to time. The thing is I’m generally too lazy to hunt around for images and alter the resolution to properly fit my homescreen, thankfully Redwall now does the job for me.
Redwall is powered by the community at It grabs the top wallpaper images from the ‘subreddit/r/redwall’ (whatever that is) and allows you to choose which ones you would like to plaster on your Android desktop. With just a few clicks you can easily chop and change your wallpaper to your heart’s content.
RedWall has only been around for a few weeks but already there’s a solid selection of images to choose from with new arrivals popping up everyday. The app is clearly laid out and each wallpaper entry has it’s own thumbnail so you can get an idea of what you’re downloading. There’s also easy access to a number of filters (New, Hot, Top Week etc) to help you track down your new favourite wallpaper.
Long clicking on a wallpaper entry brings up a menu where you can choose to preview, download or leave a comment on an image. Single clicking an image (which is the instinctive action) performs whatever action you choose in the setting menu. Ideally I would have preferred a single click to bring up an enlarged preview window from which you could choose an option on what you’d like to do with the image in question, but that’s just me.
Obviously RedWall performs best over wi-fi but I’m glad to say that it also runs pretty nicely over 3G with only a small amount of loading time involved when switching between menus. The only downside for some users may be the inability to choose where your wallpapers are downloaded on your handset but personally it’s not an issue for me.
RedWall is one of those small and simple apps that is worth keeping handy for when you fancy a quick and easy wallpaper change for your handset.

Links : Android Marketplace , Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : Simple to use and loaded with an ever-growing supply of wallpaper artwork, RedWall is a worthy download for the wallpaper tweaker in us all.

Shake Them All! Live Wallpaper – Shake It Like A Poloroid Picture

Shake Them All! Live Wallpaper

It’s been a busy few months keeping up with writing three reviews a week for this Android blog so I’ve decided to take a two week break over Christmas but before I go I figured I’d highlight a wallpaper app to help brighten up your Android handset over the festive period.
Shake Them All! LIve Wallpaper‘ is a tweakable set of wallpaper options that covers your wallpaper in little Androids that react to the accelerometers in your handset and tumble around your homescreen via a realistic physics engine. It’s utterly pointless and can be a bit of a battery drain but having little green Androids helplessly flailing around your screen is a simple bit of fun for a few minutes.

Lots of decent skins to choose from.

There’s also a Christmas themed option (as well as a whole range of other cool skins) so if you fancy having some Santa Androids flailing around your handset display over the festive period then this is the way to go.

Link : Install via AppBrain

Hope you’ve enjoyed the reviews here for the last few months and that you’ve found them helpful in getting cool new stuff for your phone. I’m off to put my feet up and enjoy a nice JD and Coke; whatever you do, have yourself a great Christmas.

See you in the New Year.

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