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Crazy Squared – Crazy x Crazy = Frustration

Crazy Squared

“It won’t just drive you crazy, it’ll drive you crazy squared!” is the official pitch for Crazy Squared. Having played it for the last 30 minutes I’m not exactly feeling crazy, I’m more mildly annoyed. Crazy Squared is simply described on the Android Marketplace as ‘Snooker meets Pinball’. From what I can tell the aim is to tilt your handset so the blue squares collide with the yellow boxes, making them disappear. If you remove all the yellow boxes before the clock runs out the level is won.
You may have spotted the unsure tone there. That is because Crazy Squared is completely lacking anything in the way of a tutorial or some kind of obvious gameplay goal which seems very unusual for a puzzle game like this.
The main problem I have with Crazy Squared is that derives it’s ‘craziness’ from being utterly random. Parts of the scenery randomly appear and vanish at will and the blocks bounce around the screen with seemingly no relation to how fast they are actually travelling.

Hmmm, yeah. Random.


When I passed a level, it wasn’t down to skill it was more down to sheer luck. It’s was as if my input into the game was worthless.
On the plus side the game does run very smoothly which gives the main game a slick nu-school retro feel. Apart from the ‘bouncing’, the way the blocks react to your tilting handset is also well executed. Some of the menus are perhaps a touch basic but the music and sound effects help to beef up the overall presentation.
I found myself having a frustrating time with Crazy Squared, there is something of a good idea in there but it seems lost in flurry of random-ness.

REQUIRES ANDROID : 1.6 and up , CATEGORY : Arcade & Action , SIZE : 3.4M , PRICE : Free

Links : Android Marketplace, Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : A puzzle game with random gameplay and a vague goal. Sadly it’s more frustrating than fun.

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