SD Increase & SD Tools

A quick warning, this is going to be a short review… and it may not even apply to many of you due to the fact that this app can only be used with rooted handsets.
SD Increase claims to alter a parameter in your Android file system that handles how quick your memory card is accessed by your handset. By default your handset is set to access it at 128kb a second but by using SD Increase you can easily increase that amount to 2048kb a second (and beyond if you wish but 2048 is the recommended amount).
As I’ve already mentioned, the caveat is that you can only run this app on a rooted handset. It’s also important to note that not every memory card and file system can support this tweak so don’t blame the app if it doesn’t work.
In order to check the difference (if any) made by SD Increase it’s worth grabbing the free app SD Tools for a before / after comparison. Here’s how my card and phone stacked up.















So after applying SD Increase my memory card write speed has increased by over 2MB, this is an excellent result. The read figure has also gone up by 2MB but what is worth noting that this is the best of a number of tests. In most cases the increase would be about 0.5MB but before using SD Increase it would take around 20 – 30 seconds to get that result. Post SD Increase the result would come back much quicker, so in effect even though the top speed may not have changed much but the acceleration is greatly improved.

In terms of practical use ‘post SD Increase’, the standard Android Gallery app is loading noticeably quicker and outdoor 720p videos recorded on my HTC Desire now playback with excellent quality. If you’re in a position to try out this tweak then do so, it may be of a great benefit to you.

Links : SD Increase, SD Tools

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