Pinball Deluxe – It’s Flipping Good


Pinball Deluxe


I remember many a holiday from my childhood where I would simply while away my time in the amusement arcades.  The rows of upright cabinets and pinball tables were a haven away from the dull & dreary caravan parks my family would take me to in the furthest reaches of Devon. It may sound like a case of rose tinted spectacles but arcades these days are rubbish, gone are the upright cabinets and multiple choices of games. These days the only options for arcade gaming involve…

  • Driving games
  • Shooting / Light Gun Games
  • Guitar Hero (which most gamers already own or don’t need to pay £1 to play again).

Every now and again, tucked away behind the awful ‘Fast and Furious’ driving games there’ll be a pinball table or two, pushed aside and clinging on for their space in the arcade like the gaming dinosaurs they are perceived to be.

Ball jiggling fun that you can keep in your pockets.

I love a good pinball table but sadly the arcade business thinks otherwise so I’m increasingly forced to get my pinball kicks via video games.
Pinball Deluxe is a pretty good go at recreating the pinball experience on the Android platform. It boasts three large tables (with more promised in the future) and promises to run on all resolutions on all devices, even tablets (which could look particularly cool).
The tables themselves are well made, all contain their own visual and gaming styles with no obvious repetition of playing features. The typical pinball tricks are all present along with mini-games tucked away in the pixel display like you would find on the real thing. You can control the flippers via your touch screen but personally I found the ‘menu’ and ‘search’ keys a far more authentic alternative.
The physics are pretty much spot on, it’s a shame the ball movement isn’t smoother but for a mobile phone game that’s going to be asking a lot. Either way it’s a great effort.
Sadly there’s currently no OpenFeint support, it’s not a massive loss but pinball is a game that appeals to to high-score whore in all of us and online scoreboards would add an extra level of competition between online friends.

Link : Official Page

Bottom Line : Pinball Deluxe is a free download so whether you’re a hardcore Pinball wizard or a casual gamer it’s a recommended download for your Android device.

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