Doodle Dash Lite – “Canabalt… but with GUNS!”

Doodle Dash Lite

Have you played Canabalt? If you haven’t then you should go play it (once you’ve read this review obviously). It’s a great game, excellent pixel graphics, simple controls, it’s ideal for mobile gaming except that it’s not available on Android. Don’t worry though because there’s always Doodle Dash, it’s like a slightly less polished version of Canabalt but with GUNS!
Doodle Dash is a platform scrolling game where your only controls involve ‘jump’ and ‘fire’, the screen scrolls by itself so there’s always the ever present danger of falling to your death as well as zombies and spikes that will damage your health upon contact. You can take out the baddies with either your firearm or by employing the trusted old ‘Super Mario’ technique of jumping on their heads. Dotted around the landscape are hearts that can boost your health and weapon crates which contain weaponry that’s far more effective than your slightly lousy shotgun (and gives the game something of a Metal Slug feel).  The more you play the game the more weapons you unlock to use in the future and there’s also an ‘easy mode’ should you find things too difficult.
Doodle Dash is a simple and fun game that neatly suits the touchscreen input of Android handsets, the game runs nicely and has it’s own unique ‘cartoon crayon’ style which looks good on a mobile phone. My only complaint is that after 30 seconds of play the control buttons inexplicably vanish. All too many times I found myself falling to my doom because I missed the invisible jump button by a just the tinniest bit, I do wish there was an option to always keep them visible.This aside the game is enjoyable as a quick distraction and the unlockable content ensures a certain amount of replay value, the paid version of the game removes the ads and has more levels and fun weaponry to enjoy.

Link : Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : Simple, fun and nicely put together. Doodle Dash is worth a download for a quick gaming fix when needed.

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