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Droid Streamer Pro

If there’s one thing I take for granted on the internet it’s video streaming. It’s easy to forget that less than 10 years ago watching the latest movie trailer online meant a 40 minute wait for a Quicktime video to download. Now we can digest stuff and move on to the next video before the current one even gets a chance to bore us, thanks to wi-fi and 3G it’s now the same for mobile phones. I remember the big fuss O2 made when they were streaming trailers for ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ to my N95 in ‘super-crap-blocky-resolution-ovision’, these days we can load up a Youtube clip of a cat playing a keyboard in HD in mere seconds.

It may not have everything but at least it's got the good stuff.

The app that bought me to this nostalgic realisation was ‘Droid Streamer’, an app that streams all kinds of commercial video content to your handset for free. Within 30 seconds of opening the app for the first time I was watching the classic Simpsons episode ‘Marge vs The Monorail’ over a 3G connection in a pleasantly acceptable quality. The content itself is streamed from Youtube and other lesser known video sites that are tucked away on the internet so the range of media on offer could very well fluctuate particularly the ‘Movies’ section which may thrust the app under a murky legal spotlight.
‘Droid Streamer’ is currently in Beta so do bear in mind that the program itself isn’t flawless. The UI is basic but perfectly functional, there’s no tweakable settings and videos in 4:3 aspect ratio are displayed to one side of the screen (rather than the centre) but to be honest after 30 seconds of viewing it doesn’t become noticeable anymore (this should be fixed in a further update anyway). I did come across an issue when watching Iron Man 2, it was clearly squashed into 4:3 size despite being the kind of media that could easily fill the entire screen. Whether this is an issue with the source or the app itself is unclear. Speaking of the source, the selection of tv episodes on offer isn’t complete by any means but it is growing all the time and when you’re getting something for nothing (especially when it’s something this good) it’s slightly churlish to complain.

Note : On my handset the launch icon for ‘Droid Streamer’ would not work, I have to open it via the Marketplace. This may be due to my handset running an MIUI rom. If you try this app on a standard Android rom do let us know how you get on.

Link : Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : Not perfect by any means but when it works (and when the media supplied is up to snuff) it’s a great app to have handy.

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