Mega Jump – Might As Well Jump… JUMP!!

Mega Jump

Awww lookit. A super-cutesy dinosaur. Me wanna play.

I blame ‘Bubble Bobble‘, if I hadn’t got hooked on that game on my Speccy in the late 80’s I wouldn’t have even noticed ‘Mega Jump’. Thanks to the way ‘Bubble Bobble’ seared it’s way into my consciousness if you’re making a game and you put a cutesy dinosaur* front and centre, you have my attention.
Mega Jump is one the numerous ‘jump and tilt’ games that seem to have flooded the Android Marketplace recently and truth be told, of all the various versions available it’s the first one I downloaded and I’ve yet to find a reason to drop it in order to try any of the others. Like the best mobile games ‘Mega-Jump’ has a simple idea, your little dinosaur takes a big leap into the air and you must control him via tilting your handset so he can collect coins which further elevate his trajectory skyward. If you travel too far without collecting coins your dinosaur will lose momentum and eventually fall back down to earth and you’ll have to try again. There are various power-ups to collect en-route such as a fireball jump boost, a magnet to attract coins to your dinosaur or an umbrella to slow your eventual fall, all of which help you to achieve the goal of reaching the top of the play area in order to progress to the next stage.

The static screenshots don't sell it, when in motion it's pretty cool stuff.

Each new stage brings with it a new challenge to overcome be it negative power-ups or baddies that make you drop your collected coins. A notable aspect of ‘Mega Jump’ is the unlockable content, by collecting coins you also rack up ‘Mega Points’ which can be used to purchase new characters, wallpaper and power ups. One point of interest is the alternative way you can collect Mega Points if you can’t be arsed to slog your way through the actual game, you can purchase them via Paypal. It’s certainly a unique (and voluntary) revenue stream for an Android game and it’ll be interesting to see if this is a business model that becomes a common practice as the Android OS gains traction as a gaming platform. Speaking of which, the mobile gaming community ‘Fient’ is also supported and with it comes the usual features of leaderboards and achievements (which I wish popped up in-game like it does in titles such as ‘Fruit Ninja’).

Awww look it at this one, another ickle cutesy dinosaur.

Presentation is key in ‘Mega-Jump’ and everything here is pitch perfect, whether it’s the colouful multi-layed scrolling locales or the excellent in game sound effects and graphical touches, everything that happens is a slick piece of execution which goes some way to explain the hefty 26MB install size (those owning a slightly underpowered Android phone may also find themselves unable to run this game at a quick pace).
As you can probably tell I’m a bit of a fan of ‘Mega Jump’, it’s simple but the quick gameplay is devilishly addictive; it’s ideal for those quick gaming sessions to fill up some time and I’m a complete sucker for it’s cutesy looks. Curse you ‘Bubble Bobble’!

Link : Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : It may be a big install but Mega Jump is a slick game with an addictive streak. Did I mention the cute dinosaur?

*Technically speaking they’re not actually dinosaurs in Bubble Bobble, according to Wikipedia they are dragons however the 12 year-old me from 1989 doesn’t care what Wikipedia says. If you want to disagree on whether they’re actually dragons or dinosaurs you’ll have to travel back to 1989 and take it up with him.

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