Camera360 Lite – Is This Camera App An ‘All-Rounder’?

Camera360 Lite

"Art In Your Hand" the app boasts. Not bloody likely if I'm using it.

Even though it weighs in at 5 Megapixels, the camera on the HTC Desire isn’t the best that I’ve come across on a handset in fact the results can sometimes leave a lot to be ‘Desired’ (sorry). This means that those of us looking to snap the perfect picture on our Android handsets will turn to apps in order to help get the job done. For the last few weeks Camera 360 has been fulfiling that role so well that it’s become the app I now go to for taking a picture.
Camera 360 comes in both free and paid flavours but the free version comes packed with enough effects and tools to keep the average user busy, at least initially. From the main view screen you can choose from a normal shot or one of five effects types (funny, scenery, etc) each of which have their own variants of styles and settings. There’s plenty to get through and top of my list so far are the tilt-shift mode and the pointless but fun ‘surrealistic colour painting effect’. Once you’ve taken a picture you can tap the screen to show how your picture looked before and after the effect process, very useful. There’s also an anti-vibration function which will check for a solid shot before snapping the pic, it’s a welcome addition and something that I really could’ve done with to fix those countless blurry posed group photos, sigh! As well as the flashier effects there’s also the standard photography options such as resolution, white balance, delay exposure and even some geo-tagging thrown in for good measure.

There's a good range of effects, complete with descriptions for the non-photography savvy user, i.e. me.

Despite all the effects and processing that goes on the app runs efficiently and without hangup although there have been complaints from other users of memory issues leading to the app crashing but I have yet to experience this myself. Camera 360 also takes advantage of Android’s sharing functionality so photos can be uploaded directly from the app to wherever your phone allows, however this method sends a smaller version of your photo, to upload the full size version it’s best to share via the gallery function on your handset.
Camera 360 doesn’t overcome all the shortcomings of the standard HTC camera (if anything a decent lens would help, at least that was one thing Nokia got right), but it should help you get better results than the standard camera app would allow. Worth a look.

Link : Install via Appbrain

Bottom Line : For a free app it comes pretty nicely stacked with effects and functions that should help make taking pictures on your Android handset a bit more successful. Good stuff.

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