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Slice It!

Originally on the iOS platform, ‘Slice It’ is a game in which you slice large shapes into a number of equally sized smaller parts within a certain limit of ‘slices’, it doesn’t sound like much but in actual fact it’s a brilliant idea that’s ideal for touchscreen phones. Without a doubt, ‘Slice It’ is by far the best looking game I have played on an Android handset but bizarrely it’s also a game where the more I play it the more I find myself hating it. For everything it does perfectly it also does something else that makes me want to uninstall it as quickly as I possibly can.
The first thing that strikes you about ‘Slice It’ is the presentation and style of the game, it really pushes the ‘pencils and paper’ theme to the fore putting it very much in the same realm as a high quality Nintendo DS game and on the AMOLED screen of the HTC Desire these graphics are very striking indeed. The game itself is great, it eases you in to proceedings nicely and before you know you’re stuck in that ‘just one more level’ mindset however it’s not long before the problems become apparent.

Yeah, let's get slicing mo-fo's!

First up is the number of levels, the game ships with 60 levels which for a free app of this quality is brilliant. The app then also teases at an extra 40 levels and says they’ll be released sooner if more 5 star reviews of the game are posted on the Marketplace. Is it me or is that just a little bit, y’know… wrong? I’d rather pay to have extra levels for I game I truly enjoyed rather than be bribed into writing a 5 star review against my will in order to get them. If anything it seems to undermine any confidence the makers have in the game, are they so desperate for good reviews they need to hold their customers to ransom?
The annoyances don’t stop there. One of the worst things happens whenever you fail a level, you’re treated to a pop-up link that CONSUMES ALMOST THE ENTIRE SCREEN. Sure it’s not a big deal to press the skip button but in the app itself there is a consistent ad-link at the bottom of the screen at all times, throwing such a huge pop up into the game as well (especially during a moment of fail) is just taking the piss.
Sadly failing comes all too often in the later levels but it’s not down to the difficulty of the game, it’s more to do with how fiddly it can be to accurately draw slices in exactly the right places.

...and here's the game in action. Oh no wait... it's a hugely annoying pop up.

Just a few pixels out and you can end up making miniscule slices which will make you fail a level. There is an undo button you can use after making a such a slice but once you fail a level you cannot undo your last step, you have to start again from scratch, once you’ve skipped past the annoying pop-up that is; it’s enough to drive you to write a grumpy review on an Android based blog.
I’m really torn on this app, when it works it’s an addictive game and it’s far more polished than the previous gaming titles we’ve reviewed. Yet it seems to exist purely to groom you into writing 5 star reviews for the creators and buying the other full price apps they have made. Fair enough it’s a free app and the people involved need to get paid but there are better ways to go about it and the methods employed here do nothing but leave a sour taste in my mouth.

Links : Download from Getjar

Bottom Line : A brilliant game that looks gorgeous but is ruined (for me) by it’s fiddlier gameplay and annoying pop ups.

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