Crazy Bird – I Got 99 Problems But A Crazy Bird Ain’t One

Crazy Bird

Phew! After all that stressful Rooting & Flashing from last weekend I needed an app to help me unwind and Crazy Bird looked like just the thing I was looking for. Crazy Bird is one of the many apps currently riding on the coattails of the success that is Angry Birds. It’s description on AppBrain pulls no punches with regards to subtlety, “Can you help the angry birds find his destiny?” it asks, talk about standing on the shoulders of giants. You play the role of the ‘Crazy Bird’ (who let’s be honest isn’t really the slightest bit crazy) and your task is to jump from one disc to another making them disappear as you go whilst making your way to the final target disc. Each screen has to be totally cleared of discs before you can proceed to the next level so you’ll need to plan ahead in order to clear all the discs without stranding yourself. Later levels introduce platforms that don’t disappear or only let you move in one direction as well as bombs that explode within a number of steps.  Really this game could have been based around other, more logical themes; a frog jumping on lilypads or a mouse jumping on mousetraps but no it’s a bird jumping on discs that float in the sky, yeah that makes sense.
The game itself plays well enough, I’m sure I’ve seen this style of puzzle game somewhere before but Crazy Bird is still a simple, effective idea to casually dip into to get your brain working. There’s a charming simplicity to the presentation which firmly places the game in the realm of ‘pleasant quick distraction’ rather than ‘super-massive time vortex’. There’s still the odd rough edge, the in-game transistion from day to night is a straight switch from one to the other, a little animation would have added a little polish but really it’s just a cosmetic complaint. Blatant ‘Angry Birds’ promotional tactics aside, Crazy Bird is a fairly enjoyable free puzzle game which despite being far from a graphical tour-de-force is still enough to divert your attention for a few minutes.

Links : Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : A basic looking (which may put off some people) but a pleasant enough free puzzler that throws down a bit of challenge to keep you busy.

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