Letter Rip – No Headline Pun Required. Nice.

Letter Rip

Who doesn’t love a bit of classic Countdown? Richard Whiteley, The Vorderman and all that crazy wordplay.  Now you can sharpen your word skills on your Android handset via a free game called ‘Letter Rip’. Nifty pun aside, ‘Letter Rip’ is actually a tidy little app when compared to some of the sloppier free game apps that litter the Android Marketplace. In the game you’re presented with a grid (you can adjust the size) in which letter tiles slowly appear, your job is to move them about and spell out words. As the game progresses new tiles appear at an increasing rate until the grid is full, once this happens you have to spell as many words as you can with the letters available to you. It plays like a mix between Tetris and Scrabble and it’s surprisingly addictive. It’s also interesting to see how creative your wordplay can get under pressure, I lost count of the number of time I spelt the word ‘Jam’ amongst my many other poor 3 letter efforts.

Hmmm, I'll never get on Countdown with wordplay like that.

There’s a number of options available to tailor the game to your needs as well as a local high score leaderboard which is strangely inaccessible from the main menu.
Sometimes the random letter selection doesn’t quite work, in one game I managed to spell ‘Slain’ two times in a row and another time I found myself with nearly a whole playing board filled with letters and only one vowel to work with. There’s no in-game pause function either so once you start a game you either have to see it through to the end or quit.
These annoying niggles aside this is still a funky little five-minute time waster and considering it’s free it’s hard to complain too much. Go check it out.

Link : Install via AppBrain

Bottom Line : A cool little game to test your wordskills, perfect as a time waster.

    • Mike
    • November 10th, 2010

    Thanks for the review of our game!

    We’re happy you like the game and we’ll definitely take the constructive criticism to heart. You raise some good points and we’ll be the first to admit that we’re refining the game-play as we learn more from the people who use it. And you thought this wasn’t a beta. 😉

    Kind regards,

    Owner, Anthrological

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