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HomePipe Free

It didn’t work. The End.

What? You want more?

Fine, let’s dive in then.

HomePipe allows you to stream your media from your home storage direct to your Android handset. Wherever you are you can access videos, music, view photos and all for free. There’s a few steps involved with setting it all up but they are very simple. All you need do is download the Homepipe client for your ‘storage’ computer and sync with the Homepipe app on your Android handset and then you are all geared up to stream. It all sounds brilliant except for one problem…
I couldn’t get it to work.
Browsing files works just fine, everything processes at the speed you expect and there’s something nerdishly exciting about having access to all of your media wherever you are. For my first go, seeing as I was on a 3G signal, I decided to stick with streaming mp3’s; no point taxing my connection with bandwidth heavy videos that it couldn’t handle. I picked a song, it started to buffer and so I waited, and waited… and waited some more. In the end I gave up. I tried another mp3 but this time one of a lower bitrate, still the same. This happened with every file I tried and I initially put it down to poor performance over 3G.
Later that day when I had access to a wi-fi network I gave it another go only to continue having the same problem. I could browse through my media perfectly fine but every file I tried to play ended in buffer flavoured fail. There’s a support thread over at getsatisfaction.com which I posted in and it would seem that this is an issue that has been around for at least 3 months. I can appreciate that when you create something like this it’s not easy keeping up with various support issues but leaving a crucial one like this hanging for a quarter of a year isn’t going to inspire confidence in your product. As it stands there seems to be no immediate solution to this and I’ve since found an alternative app that does work (review coming up after this one). I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who get on fine with Homepipe (let us know in the comments if you do) and I wish I was one of them but sadly, I am not.

Links : Install via AppBrain, Official Page

Bottom Line : An app that could have ruled them all, had it actually worked.

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