App Round Up – Quick & Useful Apps

Among the many applications on the Android Marketplace there are a number of apps that exist purely to perform one simple task. These are the kind of apps that you either use only occasionally or they become a part of the furniture to the point that you think they came with the phone in the first place. In most cases these apps can be an essential part of your day-to-day Android experience. Due to their small size and simple purpose it’s a bit of a stretch to write a comprehensive review on each of these apps so instead here’s a rundown of a few of the best ones that I have found in the last few months of using Android.

AppRemover – Essential. A quick and easy way to uninstall apps on your handset. Faultless.


Analytics Widget – A bit niche this one. If you have a website or blog this widget will keep track of how many hits you’ve had that day. A simple and effective ego massage, lovely.

Fast Reboot – When you run this, all your apps will shut down and then restart again as if you’ve just powered up. It’s not a proper reboot but it’s a fast way to help free up memory or kickstart an app back to life when your handset is being sluggish.

Quick Settings – Another essential app. Get quick access to all your main settings wherever you are via the drag down status menu. All it takes is a  simple swipe and a press. If I were Google, I’d add this function to all builds of Android from now on.

SDMove – A quick and easy way to see what apps take advantage of the ‘move to sd’ functionality of Froyo and then move them to your SD card.


Silent Boot – I have a HTC Desire, it very much likes to make a song and dance when it’s switched on which is highly annoying. This app silences the tone that plays on start-up. I cannot praise this simple app enough.

SMS Backup & Restore – Simple backup & restore of your sms messages. Doesn’t get more simpler than that.


URL Shortener – A godsend for sharing url’s on twitter ,facebook, etc. Long click a url in your browser’s address bar and share it with URL Shortener, it will shorten the link via your chosen service and copy the shortened URL to your clipboard. You can then paste the shortened link wherever you need it. Excellent.


Do you have any other suggestions? Add them in the comments section.

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