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Retro Camera


You can choose from a cool range of retro cameras


I’d been avoiding Retro Camera for a number of weeks now, partly because of the large install size (5MB) and partly because I didn’t see the need for it when my HTC Desire already had a 5 Megapixel camera which, whilst not perfect, still adequately did the job when required.  As it turns out I was totally wrong on both counts. In terms of install size, there’s nothing to worry about, Retro Camera fully supports Froyo’s move-to-SD capabilities leaving only a tiny footprint on your handset’s inernal memory. With regards to the quality of the shots, that was down to me totally missing the point of this excellently put together application, a murky black and white photo can carry so much more context than a sterile looking digital shot.


The gallery view, complete with pegs and string


With Retro Camera you can snap pictures in the style of five different old-school cameras modelled on such famous classics as the Lomo, Polaroid, and Hipstamatic amongst others. Each camera style comes with a full description of the kind of results it will produce as well as suggestions on when it should be used. Using the program is simple, pick a camera then point and click. Pictures will take a few moments to ‘develop’ but you can continue to happily snap away while the pictures are processing in the background.  Your previous 10 pictures can be viewed in the app’s gallery view (in the style of a washing line with the pictures pegged to it) and from here can be directly shared to Twitter, Facebook, Email or any other app you use to share media.


Oooh just look a that lovely context


In general the pictures taken look great on your phone but sometimes you may find your results do not transfer so well when viewed on your computer. Another small issue is how samey the fake retro effects can appear, for example if you look at a number of Polaroid style pictures in a row you soon notice that the ‘dirt’ effect in each picture appears in exactly the same places in each photo.  With this is mind, Retro Camera shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for your handset’s main camera, instead look at it as an extra set of camera options and effects to play around with.

These are only very minor complaints and should not deter you from trying this app. I have had great fun with Retro Camera, from using the lovingly crafted UI to jazzing up my photos via the range of different camera styles, it’s addictive, creative and most importantly a free app which very much makes it a worthy download.

Bottom Line : A fun camera application with a lovely UI that, when used in moderation, can pull off some great ‘retro’ picture results. Recommended.

Links : Official Page

Install via AppBrain –  Retro Camera Free, Retro Camera Plus (Ad-Free)

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