Searchify – Seek, and it shall be yours.


Searchify is a ‘do-it-all’ approach to using the search box on your Android handset. With simple text input Searchify claims to be a unit converter, calculator, calendar editor/searcher, word translator and a wikipedia / twitter / imdb / metacritic / urban dictionary search engine. Wow, that’s a lot going on right there but can it really deliver on what it promises?


Sadly, Searchify won't improve your taste in movies.


Setting up the app is simple enough, there’s a nicely presented welcome screen that instructs you on activating Searchify within your handset’s search settings. There’s also some clearly explained examples that show you the potential uses of the app. Just from reading this you can get a clear idea of how essential this app could become.

In terms of operation, less is definitely more, simply press the search button and start typing. Depending on what you type Searchify springs into action with the information you’re looking for. Type in a unit of measurement, 50 miles for example, Searchify immediately lists 50 miles in terms of metres, furlongs, inches, yards and so on. Type in a sum (easier than you would think via the normal keyboard layout), Searchify will bring up the answer straight away. A definite time saver compared to searching for the calculator app and opening it up.


Converting units is a cinch, good news for The Proclaimers then


Naturally, searching is what Searchify excels at, simply preface your search term with one of the default keywords and which search that particular site for you. If for example you wanted to search on Twitter for William Shatner type “twt William Shatner”. Searchify will then find you all the current tweets about ‘The Shat’. There are also keywords you can use to search on IMDB, Wikipedia, Metacritic and Urban Dictionary. You don’t have to stick to the default keywords either, you can make up your own should you wish.

Translating words is a cinch, type in the keyword “translate” followed by the word you wish to have translated, Searchify will list translations in the languages you have chosen in the settings.

Searchify’s ace up its sleeve is in its calendar management functions. Enter a date, time and event directly into the search box and Searchify will offer to add that to your calendar which will then sync to your online Google calendar, smart stuff. The only problem is that you have to get used to using the American style of month/date/year when entering calendar dates.


Organise the important things in your life via a single line of text


Using the program couldn’t be any easier, it runs as quick as hell and settings are kept to a minimum so you don’t get tangled down with endless tweaking. For a free app and a reasonable install size (less than 500kb) this is a highly recommended install.

Bottom Line : A time saving app that places all kinds of useful information just a few key presses away.

Links : Main Site, Install via AppBrain

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