Awesome Drop – It’s kind of Awesome.

Awesome Drop


Awesome Drop's Main Screen. Simple looking but VERY effective.


An app that reviews itself positively in it’s own title? Well to be fair Awesome Drop is pretty awesome and it’s still in Beta. Using this app you can easily transfer items wirelessly from your computer to your phone via your internet browser. Upon starting the app you’re instructed to visit the Awesome Drop website on your computer for your 4 digit code, once you enter that code on your phone it will magically sync with your computer and you’re ready to drag and drop your files. Any item dropped onto the ‘Drop Files Here’ box on the website will wirelessly transfer to your phone. A progress bar will appear on both your handset and your web browser so you can keep track on how transfers are progressing. No need to sign up or register, it happens right there and then. It’s magical internet trickery right before your eyes!

It’s very simply laid out stuff and it works beautifully. Some users however may scoff at the lack of options, there’s no option to decide where uploaded files arrive on your phone, they all end up in a folder named ‘drop’ on your memory card. There’s also no notification of when uploads are complete so if you’re multitasking you’ll need to keep an eye on things. Ideally you’ll also need wi-fi access wherever you are, 3G will work but you could be waiting a while.


Uploads are tracked on your phone and computer simultaneously


It’s not practical for very large files either, upload speed is limited via your internet connection, I uploaded a file sized at 90MB and it took 22 minutes to transfer to my phone. That said, it did transfer first time with no hang ups or errors. There is also a question of security, just where is this data passing through on the way to your phone and is it truly secure? Despite these issues Awesome Drop is still a great app and very handy if you need to quickly transfer small non-sensitive files and can’t be arsed to dig out a USB lead. It could also lend itself to other practical uses, imagine you needed a document from a friend. You could have them go to the website and tell you the 4 digit code, so you can enter it on your handset. Once your phone connects they can drop the document onto the webpage and Bosh! you have the file on your phone. From there just click reset on the app and the link is severed.

For a free app that takes up small memory real estate (only an 82kb install) this really is a great piece of work.

Bottom Line : A very simple and useful free app. You’ll never know when you’ll need it, but you’ll be glad you’ve got it when you do.

Links : App Home Page, Install via AppBrain

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