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App Brain


AppBrain's Opening Menu


It’s hard to imagine life on my Android handset before AppBrain. It’s my go to source for every app I install, all I use the official Android Marketplace for is updating my already installed apps (although AppBrain can take care of that too, old habits die hard I guess).

For the uninitiated, AppBrain is both a website and an app which in their words “makes sense out of the high number of apps available in the Google Android market.”  It’s bold statement that also happens to be true. It’s ironic that the Android Marketplace website, a website owned by Google, has no search function. Sure, you can search via your handset but sometimes you just want to use a large screen and a mouse for browsing your way through new applications to install on your handset, in this circumstance AppBrain is your new best friend.


Browse and search the Android Marketplace from your handset.


When you sign in at the website with your google ID you are greeted with a screen full of app suggestions based on topic, what’s hot right now or apps that AppBrain thinks you might like. You can also search for apps and when you find what you like you can install them to your phone with a single click on the website. The website syncs brilliantly with your phone and clicking on ‘My Apps’ will show you how AppBrain keeps track of everything you have installed, you can even share your list of apps via Twitter or Facebook or even in a blog such as this…

Apps currently installed on my HTC Desire.

See? Good stuff indeed.

On your handset the AppBrain app acts as a conduit to the Android Marketplace but with a UI that is faster, more intuitive and uses your screen real estate in a more productive way. You can also update and remove apps and even decide whether currently installed applications will skip the next update or never update again (ideal for those youtube downloaders that always get taken down or disabled).


Installing and updating Apps is easy.


There is also a social aspect to AppBrain, you can search for other users and see what they’ve installed, you can also follow them to stay updated on what they use.

If you really want to unlock the functionality of your new Android device, AppBrain is what will get you there quickly and easily. It’s a free app and only 450kb approx to install. Go get it now.

Bottom Line : An essential app, for getting more apps.

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